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Smart City

Smart City Communication Infrastructure is the heartbeat of any Smart City project. The term “Smart City” conjures up an image of a futuristic environment with all its vibrant, fascinating concepts, and Biopark’s key strength lies in its ability to deliver the backbone that will support and sustain such an environment. The stakeholders decide on their vision of a Smart City, we ensure that the infrastructure will organically adapt to enable that vision. Initially we don't focus on the end products because this market is highly competitive and is evolving extremely rapidly. However, the technology roadmap for the infrastructure is more stable and allows for medium and long term planning. Once we have the infrastructure we can start planning based on its ultimate usage, for example in the areas of public transport, IT connectivity, water & power supply, sanitation, urban mobility, e-governance, road management & parking, home automation, air quality control, etc.

    Our offering for a Smart City Communication Infrastructure incorporates everything you need to realise your vision:
  • We PROJECT MANAGE, DESIGN, INTEGRATE, TEST and CERTIFY your entire solution, in compliance with the most stringent regulatory framework.
  • We manage the TRANSPORT, STORAGE and ANALYSIS of DATA from all devices on the network.
  • We integrate POWERFUL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS to ensure the right decisions are made instantaneously time after time and the outcome DELIVERED to your end-point device.
  • We PROTECT the entire network against THREATS of attack, not only securing corporate infrastructure but all end-points, all technologies and all communication channels.
  • We manage the MAINTENANCE, CONTROL and LIFECYCLE of technologies and devices. - We MANAGE the TOOLS STACK required to maintain your infrastructure.
  • We MANAGE the TOOLS STACK required to maintain your infrastructure.
    In Partnership or as a Joint Venture with a local Mobile Network Operator we will:
  • PROVIDE and MANAGE a VIRTUAL NETWORK to separate and offload lower margin M2M traffic from expensive traditional network resources.
  • DEVISE COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS for managing the entire Smart City Ecosystem