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Test Services

Our Test Services range
from Test Management,
Test Automation,
Functional & Non-Functional
User Acceptance,
Field Testing,
User Experience Testing.

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We can tell you how efficiently
your mobile application is
interacting with the network
and help with it’s optimisation
so that it does not adversely
impact your customer’s
data usage.

At BioPark Technology
we take a highly customer
centric view when
testing mobile devices
and mobile applications.

We can simulate different
network conditions such
low signal strength,
moving between cells,
moving to and from 2G,
3G, LTE technologies
as well as wifi
and small cell technology
so that you can see
the behaviour of
your application
against these conditions
and fine tune

We get to know
the impact
mobile applications
have on internal
components of a
device such
as battery life,
so you can improve
your application.

We take a holistic
view from inside
the device, into
the network, into
the World Wide Web,
into your enterprise
systems and all the
way back out again.

We make things better
for you so that
you can make
things better
for your customers.

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CELO Framework

You can gain offshore
cost benefits from
our unique CELO
framework providing
‘Cost Effective Local
Outsourcing’. You now
have a credible alternative
to outsourcing offshore.

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Test Centre

Our test centre is
a secure open space
environment great
to think in,
great to work in
and ultimately deliver.
In addition you can
take advantage of
our highly secure
test labs keeping
your IP safe

Smart Test Services

Services today are encompassing mobile devices (tablets, smartphones), networks (wifi, 3G, LTE), mobile applications and enterprise systems more and more. We at BioPark have a deep understanding of how to test and integrate solutions end to end. We are focused on providing our clients with Smart People, Smart Processes, Smart Tools, and world class secure test premises.

  • Our highly experienced Test Managers and Test Experts will work with you to provide a high quality service
  • Our premises provide world class capability for all your test needs. With existing capacity for up to 400 resources we can quickly scale up to sizeable requirements
  • The ‘CELO’ framework ensures employers gain confidence in our resources through a rigorous on-boarding programme which begins whilst undergraduates are in their final year
  • Our mixture of experienced subject matter experts and graduate resources gives our clients great cost benefits and great onshore expertise
  • We will provide effective and independent information regarding the quality of products or service under test to our stakeholders.
  • Our cloud based test management tool, TestWave, provides visibility, transparency and storage of Test Assets for our clients.